Profiles & Contact

The best way to get in contact with me is through Discord - lapisfloof

I'm also on Twitter @LapisHusky

Or email [email protected], but I don't check that as often.

Github: LapisHusky

My Projects

(More coming soon!)

Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano is a website that's been around since 2012. I wrote a new server for it in Node.js and made some improvements to the client. The site continues to thrive with 100-200 concurrent users.

Ourworldofpixels Bots

Ourworldofpixels is a nearly infinite canvas anyone can draw on. Although I did not create it, I created 3 bots that operate near spawn which let people play Minesweeper, Chess, and mess with a calculator. Can you find all of the easter eggs in the calculator?

Dropper Utilities

Within Minecraft there are many minigames people put tons of dedication into. Those who frequently play Dropper know there are some shortcomings, like a lack of accurate timing. Dropper Utilities is a modification made by me to add some helpful resources for speedrunners.

Custom OWOP Server

Ourworldofpixels, as mentioned earlier, is a public multplayer canvas game. The official server, as well as versions others have made, have had performance issues. I attempted to create a version of the server that performs decently well, and the result is now playable.